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SERVICE DELUXE [Universal, 1938] as Robert Wade
Directed by Rowland V. Lee


THE PRIVATE LIVES OF ELIZABETH AND ESSEX [Warner Brothers, 1939] as Sir Walter Raleigh
Directed by Michael Curtiz


TOWER OF LONDON [Universal, 1939] as Duke of Clarence
Directed by Rowland V. Lee


THE INVISIBLE MAN RETURNS [Universal, 1940] as Geoffrey Radcliffe
Directed by Joe May


GREEN HELL [Universal, 1940] as David Richardson
Directed by James Whale


THE HOUSE OF THE SEVEN GABLES [Universal, 1940] as Clifford Pyncheon
Directed by Joe May


BRIGHAM YOUNG [20th Century Fox, 1940] as Joseph Smith
Directed by Henry Hathaway


HUDSON'S BAY [20th Century Fox, 1941] as King Charles II
Directed by Irving Pichel


THE SONG OF BERNADETTE [20th Century Fox, 1943] as Prosecutor Vital Dutour
Directed by Henry King


THE EVE OF ST. MARK [20th Century Fox, 1944] as Pvt. Francis Marion
Directed by John M. Stahl


WILSON [20th Century Fox, 1944] as William Gibbs McAdoo
Directed by Henry King


LAURA [20th Century Fox, 1944] as Shelby Carpenter
Directed by Otto Preminger


THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM [20th Century Fox, 1944] as Angus Mealey
Directed by John M. Stahl


A ROYAL SCANDAL [20th Century Fox, 1945] as Marquis De Fleury
Directed by Ernst Lubitsch/Otto Preminger


LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN [20th Century Fox, 1945] as Russell Quinton
Directed by John M. Stahl


SHOCK [20th Century Fox, 1946] as Dr. Richard Cross
Directed by Alfred L. Werker


DRAGONWYCK [20th Century Fox, 1946] as Nicholas Van Ryn
Directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz


FOREVER AMBER [20th Century Fox, 1947] as Lord Harry Almsbury (scenes refilmed with Richard Greene)
Directed by Otto Preminger/John M. Stahl


THE WEB [Universal, 1947] as Andrew Colby
Directed by Michael Gordon


THE LONG NIGHT [RKO, 1947] as Maximilian the Great
Directed by Anatole Litvak


MOSS ROSE [20th Century Fox, 1947] as Police Inspector R. Clinner
Directed by Gregory Ratoff


UP IN CENTRAL PARK [Universal, 1948] as Boss Tweed
Directed by William A. Seiter


ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN [Universal, 1948] as The Invisible Man (unbilled)
Directed by Charles Barton


ROGUES' REGIMENT [Universal, 1948] as Mark Van Ratten
Directed by Robert Florey


THE THREE MUSKETEERS [MGM, 1948] as Richelieu
Directed by George Sidney


THE BRIBE [MGM, 1949] as Carwood
Directed by Robert Z. Leonard


BAGDAD [Universal, 1949] as Pasha Ali Nadim
Directed by Charles Lamont


THE BARON OF ARIZONA [Lippert, 1950] as James Addison Reavis
Directed by Samuel Fuller


CHAMPAGNE FOR CAESAR [United Artists, 1950] as Burnbridge Waters
Directed by Richard Whorf


CURTAIN CALL AT CACTUS CREEK [Universal, 1950] as Tracy Holland
Directed by Charles Lamont


THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN FABIAN [Republic, 1951] as George Brissac
Directed by William Marshall/Robert Florey


PICTURA [Pictura, 1951] as Narrator/Self
Directed by Enrico Gras


HIS KIND OF WOMAN [RKO, 1951] as Mark Cardigan
Directed by John Farrow/Richard Fleischer


THE LAS VEGAS STORY [RKO, 1952] as Lloyd Rollins
Directed by Robert Stevenson


HOUSE OF WAX [Warner Bros., 1953] as Prof. Henry Jarrod
Directed by Andre De Toth


DANGEROUS MISSION [RKO, 1954] as Paul Adams
Directed by Louis King


THE STORY OF COLONEL DRAKE [American Petroleum Industry, 1954] as Col. Edwin L. Drake
Directed by Arthur Pierson


CASANOVA'S BIG NIGHT [Paramount, 1954] as Casanova (unbilled)
Directed by Norman Z. McLeod


THE MAD MAGICIAN [Columbia, 1954] as Don Gallico/Gallico the Great
Directed by John Brahm


SON OF SINBAD [RKO, 1955] as Omar Khayyam
Directed by Ted Tetzlaff


SERENADE [Warner Bros., 1956] as Charles Winthrop
Directed by Anthony Mann


WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS [RKO, 1956] as Walter Kyne
Directed by Fritz Lang


THE VAGABOND KING [Paramount, 1956] as Narrator (unbilled)
Directed by Michael Curtiz


THE TEN COMMANDMENTS [Paramount, 1956] as Baka
Directed by Cecil B. DeMille


THE STORY OF MANKIND [Warner Bros., 1957] as The Devil
Directed by Irwin Allen


THE FLY [20th Century Fox, 1958] as Francois Delambre
Directed by Kurt Neumann


HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL [Allied Artists, 1959] as Frederick Loren
Directed by William Castle


RETURN OF THE FLY [20th Century Fox, 1959] as Francois Delambre
Directed by Edward Bernds


THE BIG CIRCUS [Allied Artists, 1959] as Hans Hagenfeld
Directed by Joseph M. Newman


THE TINGLER [Columbia, 1959] as Dr. Warren Chapin
Directed by William Castle


THE BAT [Allied Artists, 1959] as Dr. Malcolm Wells
Directed by Crane Wilbur


HOUSE OF USHER [AIP, 1960] as Roderick Usher
Directed by Roger Corman


MASTER OF THE WORLD [AIP, 1961] as Captain Robur
Directed by William Witney


PIT AND THE PENDULUM [AIP, 1961] as Nicholas Medina/Sebastian Medina
Directed by Roger Corman


NEFERTITI, QUEEN OF THE NILE [Colorama, 1961] as Benakon
Directed by Fernando Cerchio


NAKED TERROR [Brenner, 1961] as Narrator
Director unknown


RAGE OF THE BUCCANEERS [Colorama, 1961] as Romero
Directed by Mario Costa


CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER [Allied Artists, 1962] as Gilbert De Quincey
Directed by Albert Zugsmith


TALES OF TERROR [AIP, 1962] as Locke/Fortunato Luchresi/Ernest Valdemar
Directed by Roger Corman


CONVICTS 4 (REPRIEVE) [Allied Artists, 1962] as Carl Carmer
Directed by Millard Kaufman


TOWER OF LONDON [United Artists, 1962] as Richard III
Directed by Roger Corman


THE RAVEN [AIP, 1963] as Dr. Erasmus Craven
Directed by Roger Corman


DIARY OF A MADMAN [United Artists, 1963] as Magistrate Simon Cordier
Directed by Reginald Le Borg


BEACH PARTY [AIP, 1963] as Big Daddy
Directed by William Asher


THE HAUNTED PALACE [AIP, 1963] as Charles Dexter Ward/Joseph Curwen
Directed by Roger Corman


TWICE-TOLD TALES [United Artists, 1963] as Alex Medbourne/Dr. Giacomo Rappaccini/Gerald Pyncheon
Directed by Sidney Salkow


THE COMEDY OF TERRORS [AIP, 1964] as Waldo Trumbull
Directed by Jacques Tourneur


TABOOS OF THE WORLD [AIP, 1964] as Narrator
Directed by Romolo Marcellini


CHAGALL [Auerbach-Flag, 1964] as Narrator
Directed by Lauro Venturi


THE LAST MAN ON EARTH [AIP, 1964] as Dr. Robert Morgan
Directed by Ubaldo Ragona/Sidney Salkow


THE MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH [AIP, 1964] as Prince Prospero
Directed by Roger Corman


THE TOMB OF LIGEIA [AIP, 1965] as Verden Fell
Directed by Roger Corman


WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP [AIP, 1965] as The Captain
Directed by Jacques Tourneur


Directed by Norman Taurog


Directed by Mario Bava


HOUSE OF 1000 DOLLS [AIP, 1967] as Felix Manderville
Directed by Jeremy Summers


THE JACKALS [20th Century Fox, 1967] as Oupa Decker
Directed by Robert D. Webb


Directed by Michael Reeves


SPIRITS OF THE DEAD [AIP, 1968] as Narrator (unbilled)
Directed by Roger Vadim/Louis Malle/Federico Fellini


MORE DEAD THAN ALIVE [United Artists, 1969] as Dan Ruffalo
Directed by Robert Sparr


THE OBLONG BOX [AIP, 1969] as Julian Markham
Directed by Gordon Hessler


THE TROUBLE WITH GIRLS [MGM, 1969] as Mr. Morality
Directed by Peter Tewksbury


SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN [AIP/Tigon, 1970] as Dr. Browning
Directed by Gordon Hessler


AN EVENING OF EDGAR ALLAN POE [AIP, 1970] as Narrator/Performer
Directed by Kenneth Johnson


CRY OF THE BANSHEE [AIP, 1970] as Lord Edward Whitman
Directed by Gordon Hessler


CUCUMBER CASTLE [RSO, 1970] as Wicked Count Voxville
Directed by Hugh Gladwish


THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES [AIP, 1971] as Dr. Anton Phibes
Directed by Robert Fuest


WHAT'S A NICE GIRL LIKE YOU...? [Universal, 1971] as William Spevin
Directed by Jerry Paris


DR. PHIBES RISES AGAIN! [AIP, 1972] as Dr. Anton Phibes
Directed by Robert Fuest


THEATRE OF BLOOD [United Artists, 1973] as Edward Lionheart
Directed by Douglas Hickox


ANNABEL LEE [Unknown, 1973] as Narrator
Director unknown


MADHOUSE [AIP/Amicus, 1974] as Paul Toombes
Directed by Jim Clark


PERCY'S PROGRESS/IT'S NOT THE SIZE THAT COUNTS [Brenner, 1974] as Stavos Mammonian
Directed by Ralph Thomas


THE DEVIL'S TRIANGLE [Libert, 1974] as Narrator
Directed by Richard Winer


JOURNEY INTO FEAR [Stirling Gold. 1975] as Dervos
Directed by Daniel Mann


THE BUTTERFLY BALL [Oyster Films, 1977] as Narrator
Directed by Tony Klinger


SCAVENGER HUNT [20th Century Fox, 1979] as Milton Parker
Directed by Michael Schultz


I GO POGO [21st Century Films, 1980] as Deacon Mushrat (voice)
Directed by Marc Paul Chinoy


THE MONSTER CLUB [ITC, 1981] as Eramus
Directed by Roy Ward Baker


BUSTIN' LOOSE [Universal, 1981] as Alcoholic Mechanic (scenes deleted)
Directed by Oz Scott/Michael Schultz


VINCENT [Disney, 1982] as Narrator
Directed by Tim Burton


HOUSE OF THE LONG SHADOWS [Cannon, 1983] as Lionel Grisbane
Directed by Pete Walker


THRILLER [Optimum, 1983] as Narrator
Directed by John Landis


BLOODBATH AT THE HOUSE OF DEATH [Thorn EMI, 1984] as The Sinister Man
Directed by Ray Cameron


ESCAPES [Visual Perceptions, 1986] as Narrator/Mailman
Directed by David Steensland


THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE [Disney, 1986] as Prof. Ratigan (voice)
Directed by Ron Clements/Burny Mattinson/Dave Michener/John Musker


THE OFFSPRING [Manson, 1987] as Julian White
Directed by Jeff Burr


THE WHALES OF AUGUST [Alive, 1987] as Mr. Maranov
Directed by Lindsay Anderson


DEAD HEAT [New World, 1988] as Arthur P. Loudermilk
Directed by Mark Goldblatt


BACKTRACK (CATCHFIRE) [Vestron, 1990] as Lino Avoca
Directed by Dennis Hopper


EDWARD SCISSORHANDS [20th Century Fox, 1990] as The Inventor
Directed by Tim Burton


THE HEART OF JUSTICE [TNT, 1992] as Reggie Shaw
Directed by Bruno Barreto


Directed by Richard Williams




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